The mansion will be going thru some upgrades and will no longer be available for rentals. The first floor will become mostly office space. The chapel is closed for renovations.

Sacred Native American Community Labyrinth & Exhibit

"We created the Sacred Labyrinth for people to Walk and Contemplate & Experience. We had Reflection Logs for people to sit & record their reflections after their walk. We had A Display Table with Native American Artifacts, Ceremonial Herbs, Historical Fact Sheets that document the History of Native Americans in the Park Area, & Fact Sheets on the Native American Labyrinth. Native American Flute Music served as Background music. We had Labyrinth Comment Logs where people could Record their comments about the Labyrinth Experience & Volunteer Interest Sign-Up Sheets where interested people could sign up to volunteer to work with the project."

 ~Antonio Carpenter, Lodge Keeper, Ancient Wisdom Teachings Spiritual Lodge

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