The mansion is getting some face-lifts.

Phase I
The ballroom floor:

Phase II
Repointing the mansion
and Improving the
drainage on the right side.

Phase III
Replacing the windows
and shutters:

The mansion will be going thru some upgrades and will no longer be available for rentals. The first floor will become mostly office space. The chapel is closed for renovations.

The Labyrinth

The labyrinth in October, 2009.

Walking the labyrinth.

Meditation in the center of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth in December, 2009

This is a "Tapu' at" (meaning "mother and child"), a sacred Hopi labyrinth which is their symbol for "mother earth".There are three basic designs; this one is a 7-cycle labyrinth, the most common design. It is meant for meditation and reflection. Each person's walk is a personal experience. How one walks and what one receives differs with each walk. Some people use the walk for clearing the mind and centering. Others enter with a question or concern. The time in the center can be used for receiving, reflecting, meditating, or praying, as well as discovering your own sacred inner space. What each person receives can be integrated on the walk out. Your walk can be a healing and sometimes very profound experience or it can be just a pleasant walk. Each time is different.(

This labyrinth was placed here in Leakin Park by Antonio Carpenter and his family. The Friends of Orianda House want to embrace and support other cultures such as the Native Americans by having things like this in the park for the community to experience and enjoy.