Orianda Mansion on the Crimea Estate in Leakin Park, Baltimore, Maryland


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The mansion is getting some face-lifts.

Phase I
The ballroom floor:

Phase II
Repointing the mansion
and Improving the
drainage on the right side.

Phase III
Replacing the windows
and shutters:

The mansion will be going thru some upgrades and will no longer be available for rentals. The first floor will become mostly office space. The chapel is closed for renovations.

Herb Festival 2009

Local artists display their work:

Lee Smith, artist

Bonnie Allan (center), artist

More of Lee's work

Corinne Parks, Director at Carrie Murray Nature Center

Laura Brigham Rusanowsky's photography

1915 Model T Ford, courtesy of Randy Robey

Roberta Sharper, Board Member, and Jo Orser, President, Friends of Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park

Thanks for coming! Come again soon!
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