About Us

      The Friends of Orianda House in partnership with Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound was founded to help protect the historical legacy of this estate and local area. As you know, in times of progress we have lost many things on this historical property such as the doll house which was a replica of the mansion, the overseer's house and farm located in the valley just below the mansion, the bowling alley, a gas house, a round barn, and a log cabin.

      One of the purposes of this group is to diligently take time to help preserve the Orianda mansion, to help bring about a time capsule of historical accounts of this area's famous and not so famous families and their daily lives. Every day, as we step into our future, we lose a little of our past, and I stress now is the time that all of us in the Baltimore community step up to the plate to help preserve this wonderful estate.

      Right now Friends of Orianda House have an office space within the walls of Orianda which includes a large pictorial collection. We would like this house to become a monument to the Winans family for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. To get involved, contact this website.