The mansion is getting some facelifts:
Phase I, II and III

The chapel is available for rentals thru the Parks Dept., call 410-396-7900
The mansion will be going thru some upgrades and will no longer be available for rentals. The first floor will become mostly office space.
Rentals at Orianda House and the chapel in Leakin Park
Orianda House
Orianda House
Watercolor of Orianda House
Watercolor of Orianda House

Orianda House
Crimea Estate Leakin Park
Historical Information Center
1901 Eagle Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21207

Richard S.B. Smith, Sr.

The fake cannons on Crimea Estate in Leakin Park
The Cannons
Mrs. Thomas Dekay Winans
Mrs. Thomas Dekay Winans
Waterwheel on Crimea Estate in Leakin Park
Mr. Thomas Winans
Mr. Thomas Winans

 The Orianda House was built around 1856
by Thomas Winans. It was a magnificent villa
located on three hundred acres of land in the
western part of Baltimore. Thomas Winans lived
there with his wife Mrs. Thomas Dekay Winans.
Mr. Winans usually called the estate the Crimea
and the large house Orianda.